Black Day Peshawar terrorist attack FB cover

Black Day Facebook Covers which are associated with the suicide attack by 6 terrorists in Army Public school APS in Pakistan. It is a Black day for whole nation even entire World. We all condemn it strongly and pray for our Country Pakistan and the innocent students and children who are targeted brutally in this attack, It was a bad day that is Tuesday, 16th December, 2014. When its all happened. To show and express our seldom emotions with the entire world, we create this cover in Urdu. We all knows how our mothers loved us, It is dedicated to all the mothers of those martyr students. Allah give his patience to bear with this  and get justice from God. These type of terrorist have no hearts, there are not belongs to any religion but they are just murderers of the humanity. Please share this cover to your social profiles and you may directly upload this cover on your timeline with hash-tag #PeshawarAttack. It is black and red color background to show the feelings of sadness and a dedicated poetry is written on it. May Allah Protect us All Ameen. Share your thoughts in comments below. Also see some more related posts and cover pictures below.