Cool-New-Year-2019-FB-timeline-cover-photo-black-Creativity is an art in the field on design. We always try to create some unique covers and banners for New Year wishes and in 2019 again we find some really creative and dark Happy New Year Facebook Cover photo for your loved ones. This is one the most demanding greeting card and cover because many people don’t like light color banners because of their personal designs or maybe they have a dark website themes so for those fans we designed amazing New year 2019 Timeline cover that you can use on everywhere like on your Fb groups or on your business pages timelines to say your loyal customers and fans “here is to wish you and your family a wonderful year ahead, happy New Year”. Again this is a very logical design as you can see at the right side of banner. 2019 is shown in colorful stairs forms vertically. It looks wonderful. We utilize the dark black theme for this banner very efficiently. It is not only dark but bright colors like green, white, orange and blue are also used to show bright side of this design. I am sure you all people love this timeline photo and use it widely as your personal and professional banner. I wish you all the happiness of Christmas and New year eve.