” Happy Christmas 2016 ” Best Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. As Christmas is one of the biggest religious Event of Christianity and celebrated¬†around the world on 25th December every year. But its celebrations stated from the very beginning of the month. Without sending wishes, messages and greetings to your friends, followers and relatives, you can’t celebrate Christmas at all. So here we have ultimate collection of FB timeline covers to wish your virtual friends via social media giant site. It is trending way to celebrate and wish every event on FB by updating profile pictures and covers. Therefore we come up with bundles of Happy New Year 2017 Merry Christmas Cover Photos every year. In New year 2017 again, we have great collection of banners, Quotes, wishes and messages with images and pictures. I am sure you love it and share it around the social networking sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.