mothers day 2015 quote fb cover

Mom love is bigger than sea waves, it is totally unfair to dedicate only one day to her she is one who works all the year so I don’t want to just celebrate one Mother day but want to give life time of appreciation. If you agreed to me then this mother day quote is for you. Spend your time with your mother daily, don’t leave her on old houses when you get married. Take care for her as she done for you and still doing it. The above banner is exactly what I want? and I recommend you to use on your profiles and share on social media sites. Celebrate your mom’s special day with excitement. Make some plans for her. I have some tips for you. Note down all these ideas for mother’s day celebrations in 2015 and execute them on Sunday 8th May, 2016.

  • Tip No.1 : Don’t disturb your mom on mothers day when she sleeping and wait when she awake her-self.
  • Tip No.2: Give her breakfast and give all her favorite things in breakfast. Don’t bother your mom.
  • Tip No.3: Buy some gifts for your mother like frame of memorable photograph, any book or anything you want. Also preset a basket of flowers with it.
  • Tip No.4: Attache a greeting card and write short but meaningful love quote for your mother with your hands. Use some glitters or color pencils to design your card.
  • Tip No.5: Start a good memorable conversation with her. Offer her some chocolates or sweets and enjoy the whole day.

Don’t stuck with these tips, feel free to add your own innovative ideas into it and celebrate your special mother’s day. Good Luck 😉