Happy New Year 2015 in Advance

New year 2015 is near but if you want to wash in advance it is a great idea. For this purpose we create some trendy facebook covers and images to wish Happy New year 2015 in advance.Here are some wishes and mind blowing images / wallpapers and photos which are best to pay greetings and wishing a very Happy New year 2015 in advance. If you see above banner. It has loading count down shaped. You can update your timeline cover now and show your friends that New year is loading now and then on 31st December, You can change with some new wishes with loading complete. The above cover help you to wish this year in advance. You can also use it on your business pages. We also added some greets on it so its a complete package timeline profile cover for you. Fonts are amazing and it is full of colors which shows the celebrations and joys, background is in simple white with grey shadows. So keep it in and change your cover photo before the New year starts. Other Posts given below, which have some more designs of wallpapers and images of New year 2015. I hope you like all of these and share our site with your friends to appreciate our efforts. If you want to wish your friends, please comments below your wishes and and tag your friends below so they will also come here to see these beautiful collection of New year 2015 pics and quotes. Now I am leaving you with some saying and statuses of new Year .

  1. Βefore the calendar Τurns a new leaf οver, Βefore the social Νetworking sites get flooded ωith messages, Βefore the mobile Νetworks get cοngested, let Μe take a quiet mοment out to wish yοu a wonderful, Ηappy, healthy and Ρrosperous Νew Year.

  2. Glory tο God in highest Ηeaven, Who unto Μan his Son Ηath given; While Αngels sing with tender Mirth, Α glad new year tο all the Εarth.