iam butterfly fb cover photo

Beautiful Butterflies Facebook Profile Cover Photos. Everyone love the colorful happy and free butterflies mostly found near flowers in the green gardens. They have natural designs, colorful patterns and shades in their small wings. If I talk about this specific Butterfly Timeline Cover than I said this is one of amazing pic It has green animated background color with  design artificially flies with Photoshop brushes. If you have question that why you want to use this pic on your profile than I will say If you are a person who love freedom and want to live his / her life like a free and happy butterfly then This cover is perfect for you. Show your feelings, your desire with your friends on social media by making this photo yours own timeline cover. It is an indirect way to show off your-self. So at the end I am saying hey you are my butterfly take it easy and go fly on your favorite flower :-p Give your feedback by adding comments below. Thank you.