smile facebook cover

Music Facebook Covers are available here. Music is what feelings sound like đŸ˜€ As you see above is a bigger Cover for your FB profile.  There are many Music lovers out there and we produce these pics for those users. It is simple, yellow color smiley with black color ear headphones. It is best suited for Musical / Radio / Songs and likes pages and groups / communities on social media. Peoples listen music and feel their souls. It happens many times.

What Type of Music You Listen when Using Social Sites ?

As you know we are talking about music today and of-course social media is there. So I decided why not ask one question that what type of music you like to listen when surfing your time on social media sites like Google plus or Facebook or may be any other, It depends on your interest.

Well according to my opinion choice of music depend on moods. If you are feeling sad you will listen low beat songs, you are feeling some party / have some happiness in your mind then you will prefer to listen some boost noisy songs or if you are in love, feeling weather romantic <3 you should listen some lovely compositions.

How to choose Songs according to different moods when on Facebook ?  

I already explained it depends on your moods, your interests, your favorite singer / composer or band. So you will go with your favorite artists songs or listen old songs which you regularly listen. Sometimes you feel boring with your collection playlist so that time try some new type of music. You may search for top music and listen top 10 songs of week or top 10 singers on social sites. In fact you may love to listen live concert performances  instead of recorded albums. So it all depends on environment and other factors which I describe before.

Now again come to the point and find the best Musical Facebook Timeline Covers specially created by our expert designers. Some other are available below. Keep in touch with us as well as with your hands-free I-pod đŸ™‚ See you with some awesome new cover collection.