Pakistan Zindabad Facebook cover photo for Independence day 14th august

Pakistan Independence Day is celebrated on 114th of august every year in the whole country. This day is historical and Holiday of country. The flag color are green and white with a moon and star in the center over green is sign of Pakistan. So because of this important day we create some special and cool Facebook covers to decorate your timelines too as you decorate your houses and buildings :).  You should use some patriotic quotes for this independence day from this site and upload some new statuses pics on twitter and on Facebook. It is a good idea to update cover pictures of all the pages and groups you own, it will just show how love you with your country and also it is giving you a chance change it and make your community updated with some latest trends. Always pic a best strategies and run with latest social media trends. Don’t forget to  write a comment about your country below and also share it as much as possible.

If you don’t like the above banner (that is simple but attractive with national Urdu language fonts). Find some more collection in related posts below. Remember us (Your country) in prayers. May Allah protect our country and our nation protected with external & internal enemies and make our nation united. Be Peace and United always.