Best Girls Facebook CoverBest Facebook Timeline cover for Girls ever. This is a story for girl who is not just perfect and she is happy with her life. All the things never perfect and she confess all the things like my hairs are not always stay in place and I spill things a lot. I am pretty, clumsy and sometimes broken the hearts. Sometimes she fight with her friends, sometimes days does not goes right. At the end she said when I think about these imperfect things, I take a step back and I remember how amazing life truly is and that may be…Just may be. She love to be un-perfect 🙂

It is a truth, no one is perfect here. We should neglect many things, compromise with each other. So if we take the things positively, we can enjoy our life else we ruin our live with our own egos. So be happy and think about it that when she is not completely perfect and happy in her life. Why not you try it.

If you are agree with above FB banner / Girl story, You must have to use this Timeline cover on your profile and share it too with your female /  Girl friends… :p

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