black day dedicated timeline cover for fb

Terrorism is increasing day by day in Pakistan, Last day another worst incident occur in Peshawar Army Public School when 6 suicide bomber attacked on innocent students when they are studying in their school. They don’t care about children as shown in Cover pictures “Mein ek Bacha tha” Urdu Facebook cover created to dedicate all those students.  It is a Black Day for all of us and Government also announce that the next three days are Black days of entire nations.. We condemn it and raise our voice against this attack. You can change your profile pictures and Covers from this category. Above banner has black color background and with the tag of #Peshawar Attack. We are with Pakistan Army and pray to Allah , May Allah protect us from these attacks and protect our whole country. Find more Black Day of silence Timeline cover photos below. Share it on your social walls and leave your comments and suggestions below.