shame on you fb cover

Shameful and degrade Facebook Timeline Covers we create to make some fun on FB and on other social sites. It is very simple colors are black and white. I don’t think you will need any long descriptions for this picture.

How we make fun by using this funny Facebook Cover ?

Its not a difficult thing to understand the funniest and humor part of this banner. When you will use it on your personal profiles, every friend when come to your profile to see it. He /she got this pic saying shame on you. It will make some humor. Also when you update your cover that time there are many chances you will receive huge comments, your friends increase comments by doing conversations over there.

Specially you notice a hand added another part of humor by pointing out everyone you is seeing it 🙂 IS it not funny for you ? if Yes Use it now or if your answer is No!. Then no problem we have another choice, you can select some other cover from below or contact me directly, I will create a Unique and special photo for your Group / community. Many professionals Fan-page owners contact us and order to create timeline covers for their brands and we will do our job with  responsibility with the grace of Allah.

Its enough for now. I will see you again with some latest FB covers with new topic. Till then keep visiting BCP, Share it and do fun as life is small to enjoy 😀 Be peace and be funny 🙂